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Montour Elementary School, the primary center of the Montour School District which educates students in grades kindergarten through fourth grade, serves the communities of Robinson and Kennedy Townships, Pennsbury Village and the Boroughs of Ingram and Thornburg.

It offers state-of-the-art resources for students and teachers to utilize and create a positive learning environment that supports learning and growth for every child.  We have been working to form educational partnerships with the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh Children’s Museum, Robinson Library, Minecraft, Lego, Google, along with many others.  These partnerships and resources along with an excellent staff will provide every child in Montour the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The building is designed with two teams to make a large building feel small and support every individual.  The two teams are Team Curiosity, lead by Principal, Mr. Jason Shoaf and Team Discovery, lead by Principal, Mr. Jason Burik.

With 78 teachers in the building (K-4), 21 paraprofessionals, 1.5 nurses, 1 nurse assistant, 2 guidance counselors, 10 noon supervisors, and 8 custodians, our goal is to provide every child with an amazing facility with the resources and instruction to support their growth every day.

Enriching activities are weaved throughout the curriculum in the form of Unified Arts classes and Spartan PLT time, giving students numerous opportunities to engage in exciting educational experiences in a variety of ways.

With the assistance of the Montour Elementary PTA, the students can participate in both entertaining and educational assemblies, as well as enriching activities both during and after school hours.  Some of these activities include Butterfly Ball, Little Guy and I, Accelerated Reader, Scholastic Book Fairs, Special Person’s Breakfast, Kids of Steel Half Marathon, Spelling Bee, Santa Shop, Boo Bingo, Bowling, Art Fair, and Science Night.


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